Telescope Ventures is Australia’s first student-led venture studio. We’re dedicated to helping student founders transform their ideas into venture-backed startups. We run invite-only founder workshops, mentor matching initiatives, angel funding & VC speed “dating” nights and that’s only the beginning.

Our thesis is that Australian universities are full of incredible…

Christina is the founder and mastermind behind she1K, an angel syndicate based in Singapore helping corporate women invest in early-stage startups. Through she1K’s signature program “C-Shark Tank”, Christina has successfully syndicated investment into over 13 startups including GreenLabs, Kibus, Open Oceans Camera.

Before entering the startup space, she worked her…

Source: @VentureKaepital Instagram

Too often venture capitalists portray themselves as a beacon of light, guiding society to a technological utopia (See meme to the left). Yet, for all the bells and whistles, there’s an undeniable chronic lack of successful venture investing in the early-stage cleantech. …

Managing a venture-backed startup as a 20 something millennial + advice for other aspiring student founders. My conversations with Max Mito, CEO, and co-founder of Strong Room.

For the audience, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey?

My early life took me all over the…

Researched & Written by Ashlee Stojanovski

Market Overview

Alternative Protein has entered a new era

In recent years, it has become clear that the food industry is being disrupted by alternative protein innovations. Meat alternatives, such as plant-based Impossible’s burger patties & Beyond Meat’s veggie balls, are currently riding a wave of popularity in restaurants across the world &…

Authors note:

I crossed pathways with Amy Yu in the beginning of 2020 at a @startup&angels networking event. As most networking events are, it’s like being thrown into the jungle; tigress CXO’s and dazzling VC’s, it’s easy to feel lost in wilderness. Myself, being a wide-eyed first year uni student…

Ashlee Stojanovski

championing young founders, sustainability geek & politics aficionado

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